Tubular Time Word Clock is Half Past Cool

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Here's an unusual angle on timekeeping that tickles our techno-lust for clocks, and this one's a twisty, affectionately known as the Tubular Time Word Clock. Its two cylindrical segments revolve around, giving you approximate times of day rather than sticking to that pesky precision to which we've grown so accustomed.


This is a truly odd design which looks like a pipe coming up out of your desk, but gives you a quick answer when someone asks what time it is: "Well, it's about three," you'll say. We're thinking it's about time somebody came up with a unique clock design like this one. Too bad that uniqueness comes with a $160 price tag.

Product Page [Uncommon Goods, via Coolest Gadgets]



I have waited very very long for a topic I could post something on so I could finally become a member as well.

I have found it.

This is indeed very unique but not new, its not new at all. I am from the Netherlands, and my father bought a clock like this about 23 years ago. Its been sitting/hanging in our living room ever since.

The one we have was designed by a "company" called "Muller & Van Dongen", and the one you are showing here is also designed by them. There is also a white version and that is the one we have.