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Lots of you apparently hate the iPod, but others still buy the damn thing like it's going to lead them to El Dorado or something. So if you and the 2G iPod nano are gonna do the tango for a while, it's best to use protection, like XtremeMac's TuffWrap cases. Besides automatically making you more of a man (or less, depending on how you view using protection), the TuffWarp protects the nano from all the day-to-day harassments that all too often do them in. It's made of "rugged silicone" and not that pansy "regular" silicone found in bootleg cases. Better still, the case comes with a dock connector so you can have the case on and have it plugged into a dock at the same time. Clearly, we live in the most advanced civilization on Earth: our iPods can be docked and be inside a case simultaneously.


The TuffWrap should be available on or around the beginning of November. It's the hot jawn of iPod cases.

Press Release [XtremeMac]

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