TuneBooks Digital Album "Booklets" To Begin With the Darkness

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So, you're lovin' the whole digital music thing, but miss looking at the actual album materials? If you're one of those people, TuneBooks is going to be perfect for you. I won't call you a geek, but I think you know who you are. Starting with The Darkness' album One Way Ticket to Hell and Back on iTunes, TuneBooks, in partnership with Atlantic Records, will let you look at collectible album jackets filled with lyrics, album art and band annotations. Add to that extras like full-length videos and other web offerings and you may just be in heaven. Works with both PCs and Macs, though made to work natively with iTunes, TuneBooks will also come bundled with The Notorious B.I.G's The Final Chapter. The service is only available with the purchase of full albums. [Thanks, Robert]


Tunebooks [Tunebooks]

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