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TuneWiki Audio For Google Android Looks Very Impressive

This is TuneWiki, the music playback app that shows Karaoke-like lyrics and album art on almost all the music on your phone. It's been officially ported to Android and looks very, very impressive. They've added features like searching YouTube for videos of your tracks, plus searching their database for certain song lyrics if you only remember part of a song. There's also the built-in Google Maps API for looking at other people using TuneWiki and being able to see what people are listening to around a certain area. Yeah, we're pretty excited. The guys from TuneWiki also told me that they released a version for iPhone 2.0 jailbreak that's on both Cydia and Installer, and is doing quite well. [TuneWiki]


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While I do like my iPhone a great deal, Apple and Sony have taught me something valuable. "Beware of buying hardware from company's that also have a financial stake in seling Content".

I'm really looking forward to seeing Android take shape, and I'm willing to wait through some development cycles and tolerate a not-quite-as-slick UI if it allows me total control of my Content and hardware (Bluetooth).