TuneWiki Music App Gets Ported to Android

The fantastic TuneWiki app, which was previously seen on iPhone/iPod Touch, just got a port to the not-yet-released Android. The idea is the same: play back songs and it'll automatically download lyrics and album art if you don't already have it.


The lyrics will also auto-sync to the song (most of the time), and if they don't, you can manually sync them by hitting the screen, which will then get sent back to their servers for the next user. There's also other neat features like using a Google map to see where you are, and even search for song lyrics for songs you may not have. If Android's capable of getting at the very least, iPhone-level applications on a regular basis, there may be hope of expanding its userbase to non-technologists and tech geeks. Check out the live flash tech demo below too. [Tune Wiki]

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I lurv the feature on the ipod touch.

Except sometimes you can't find the songs lyrics and such. Hope it improves!