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Tunnel Between Russia and Alaska in the Works

Illustration for article titled Tunnel Between Russia and Alaska in the Works

There's a project in the works to build the world's longest tunnel, a whopping 64 miles long, between Russia and Alaska. Not for the claustrophobic, the tunnel will take from 10-15 years to build at a cost of $10-12 billion. It's a Russian plan, and they'll be presenting their project to the U.S. next week for approval. The tunnel will be huge, containing a highway, railroad, and pipeline for transporting oil. To drive through the 64-mile-long tunnel you'll need to present officials at the entrance with a permit confirming the fact that you have huge balls.


Hopefully this Russian tunnel will be safer than some of their other tunnels.

Bloomberg [via Slashdot]

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I assume that this tunnel will connect the continents via the Bearing Strait. I am thinking that it's probable that environmental protection will shut this down.