The newest addition to Lego’s Minecraft collection is also the largest to date. The Village set, which weighs in at 1,600 pieces, now gives Alex, Steve, and other characters plenty of places to hang out including a library, a blacksmith, a butcher, and a marketplace. And there’s no risk of any of those buildings burning down.

If you’re tired of staring at a computer screen all day, but can’t bare the thought of walking away from Minecraft for even a second, the sprawling Lego set also spans rainforest, snow, and desert biomes to mix things up.

Available starting on June 1 for $200, in addition to swords, pickaxes, and other accessories, The Village will also come with four minifigures including Minecraft regulars Steve, Alex, zombie, and a zombie villager, plus a Creeper, an enderman, a farmer, a librarian, pigs, and an iron golem to watch over the entire town.


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