Turn $ into Galactic Credits with the amazing Scifi Currency Converter

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Want to know how many dollars Star Trek's Federation Credits, Star Wars' Galactic Credits, or Fallout's Bottle Caps are worth? What about how Harry Potter's Galleons compare to Game of Thrones' Silver Stags? Then check out this amazing Scifi Currency Converter for all your fictional money conversion needs.

Besides discovering their actual monetary worth and/or how they compare to other fictional currencies, you can also find out how they estimated each value. From the press release:

Working out the values of the currencies was no easy task, and required a combination of careful examination of the source material, helpful advice from fans and occasionally a cheeky bit of creative interpretation. For instance, the gold dragon from a Song of Ice and Fire was based on a throwaway comment about fine wine by Lord Petyr Baelish, while a receipt for a talking toaster helped calculate the value of Red Dwarf's dollarpound. We also had valuable input from STARFLEET, the international Star Trek Fan Association, in determining the value of a Federation Credit.


Besides U.S. dollars and GBP, the Scifi Currency Converter includes:

• Federation Credits (Star Trek)

• Galactic Credit Standard (Star Wars)

• Bottle caps (Fallout: New Vegas)

• Simoleons (The Sims 3)

• Septims (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)

• Galleons, sickles and knuts (Harry Potter)

• Gold dragons, silver stages and copper stars (A Song of Ice and Fire)

• Ankh-Morpork dollar (Discworld)

• Dollarpound (Red Dwarf)

• Creds (Judge Dredd)