Turn Your Assault Rifle into a Golfball Launcher

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Do you own an AR-15, an M4 or an M16? Do you wish it could shoot golf balls instead of bullets? What do you mean "no?" Just listen to these testimonials for the Golfball Launcher, a $20 accessory that screws onto the end of your assault rifle in place of a muzzle break:

Absolutely awesome. I put it on the end of my M4 and just looks awesome. This thing launches a golf ball a good 400 yds. It only drops about 5-10 feet at 200yd for me. flies like a knuckle-ball. but fun as can be. – k2

Today I shot my first golf ball. How far did it go? Don't know, went out of sight at about a 45 degree angle. – USAF Prior Service

Yes, I do think so! And just think about how much easier it would make it to hit that dude who drives the cart around at the driving ranges. [Cheaper Than Dirt via Wired]

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I actually buy stuff from "Cheaper than Dirt" all the time. They have really good camping gear, gun accessories and military surplus stuff. If I need to dress up a bunch of stunt people to look like a group of commandos I can get all I need to do that from them. I can get military surplus gas masks for under $10 from them. It's a good resource for props.