Turn Your iPad or iPhone Into a Pinball Machine

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I've been lusting for the iPad arcade machine for a long time now. I like the idea of sliding my iPad into a little cabinet and play Galaga or Pac-Man. Until that time comes, I may survive using this pinball cabinet.


The Pinball Magic accessory turns your iPad or iPhone into a mini-pinball machine. You only need to slide it in, download the free pinball application, and Bob's your uncle. The flipper buttons work for real, and you can even tilt it. The iPhone version is $30, while the iPad—which sadly is not available at this time—is $80. [Brookstone and Brookstone]

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I am so glad this showed up today as I saw this in the Brookstone catalog I got over the weekend and got really excited over it, causing my girlfriend to roll her eyes..

Now this shows I am not the only one wanting this thing :-)