Turn Your iPhone Into an Animation Studio With the StopMotion App

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We know how good the iPhone 4's camera is, but what else can it do besides snap pics? With the StopMotion app, makes some pretty kickass amateur stop motion movies. My own attempt was sad, but the app is powerful.

StopMotion works by laying out a viewfinder grid, allowing you to manipulate, bit by bit, whatever objects you're working with, keeping them more or less aligned. The app can either snap frames automatically (at adjustable intervals), or capture with a touch instead. (The app's dev told us a clap-activated feature is in the works, which sounds fantastic).


After capturing each frame, you're left with a 'ghosted' image of the previous one overlaid, making it easy to see how much or how little you wish to deviate, for varying smoothness of animation. If you mess up a frame, don't worry—you'll have the option of rotating or deleting it altogether after you're doing capturing. Once you're satisfied, send the video on its way through an impressive number of export options: email, YouTube, Twitter, or just to your camera roll.

The animation below—a commentary on mortality, love, and what it truly means to grow up in this crazy modern world of ours—took me only a few pathetic minutes of kneeling on the Gizmodo office floor playing with action figures. But I'm sure with some practice, you could string together some pretty neat flicks.