Turn Your Samsung Galaxy S4 Into a TV-B-Gone

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Sometimes you not only want a bar where everybody knows your name, but one that's free of blaring TVs. It was that idea that inspired the original TV-B-Gone device that lets you discreetly turn off any TV, but now anyone with an infra-red equipped smartphone—like the Samsung Galaxy S4—can do the same thanks to a simple app called InfraRude.


The app contains a fairly decent collection of codes for the most popular and common TVs on the market. And if your local watering hole or restaurant uses TVs that aren't on the list, you can email the developer, Christopher Pool, requesting it be added. Not bad for just a $1, and the assurance that no one will suspect your smartphone as the culprit. [InfraRude TV Remote via The Red Ferret Journal]

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I was wondering if the big names in programmable remotes would make apps for the new devices with IR blasters on them.