Turns Out No Small Business Is Safe From A Lawsuit

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Not even you. Or, for instance, Josh Williams (founder of Gowalla.) In Josh's first 6 months of business, he and his wife were hit with a seemingly crippling lawsuit that almost bankrupted him. In the video above, he tells the story about how he leapt onto the startup scene and then almost had to leap right back out.

The truth is anyone can get sued, especially if you work in the technology sector. Often lawsuits are brought even if you haven't made a mistake — a simple misunderstanding or difference of opinion between you and a client can end with legal action, and what's worse is that defending your reputation can be a lengthy and costly process, effectively losing you even more business.

That's why it's vital that startups and freelancers alike consider how to protect themselves. Hiscox specializes in providing small business insurance to a range of small technology companies and IT professionals. Starting out on your own can be a huge risk, but having the right protection, like professional liability insurance or general liability insurance can take some of the anxiety out of the equation.


And getting a basic level of protection doesn't have to cost you a whole pay check because coverage starts at just $22.50 per month — that's basically what most freelancers spend on their weekly caffeine fix! Visit the Hiscox website to get a fast, free online quote for your small business or call a licensed advisor.