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This bright blue and green Barney shopping cart is a little more than meets the eye. It is equipped with a small LCD television that can play Barney, Bob the Builder or The Wiggles for the kiddos while the parents shop. The child seats on this cart are in the front closer to the ground to follow the AAP's recommendation to that suggests children should ride lower to the ground in shopping carts. These carts are already taking New Zealand by storm and are slowly popping up around the states. These high-tech carts aren't free to use, either. It will cost you $1 per grocery store visit. The good thing is that the manufacturer isn't requiring stores to purchase these TV carts from them, rather they are just taking 100-percent of the $1 use fee.


Hell, I'd push around a blue and green cart filled with cigarettes, beer and frozen pizza if it kept the tykes under control. Sometimes you just have to make sacrifices.

Barney Shopping Cart Saves Children's Lives—For a Dollar [daddytypes]

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