Twin Peaks Reboot Won't Air Until 2017. Please Send Pie.

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Bad (or at least frustrating) news today for Twin Peaks fans: CBS Corp. chief Leslie Moonves said that the new, limited-run series—which has already been held up by David Lynch vs. Showtime pre-production issues—won’t be airing until 2017.


If the show had returned in 2016, it would have marked 25 years since that fateful 1991 night when Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) stumbled out of the Black Lodge not feeling quite like himself. Left in the lurch, fans cursed the cliffhanger, nervously eating cherry pie and clutching their copies of The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer. Now it’ll be 26 years ... with a streaming subscription involved, too.

Variety lays it out:

[Moonves] touted [“Twin Peaks”] as a property that will likely drive subscriptions of Showtime’s newly launched standalone broadband offering.

The “Twin Peaks” sequel has been in the works for more than a year. But the project hit a speedbump earlier this year when Lynch and Showtime tussled over budget issues and the number of episodes to be produced. They wound up hammering out a deal that calls for the production of “more than nine” episodes, all directed by Lynch.

Well, at least it’s still being made, right?



That gum you like is coming back in style. But not until 2017.

Also, this is totally so they can make a Star Trek/Twin Peaks crossover.