Twirl-a-Squirrel Makes Your Selective Animal Charity Easier

Squirrels are the natural enemy of the birdfeeder. There are tons of contraptions out there designed to make sure only birds have access to the delicious seed contained within, from long arms suspending the feeders off the edge of the porch to your dad in a second-story window with a bb gun. Well, the awesomely named "Twirl-a-Squirrel" combines the efficiency of method #1 with the entertainment value of method #2.


It works by spinning rapidly around whenever something with enough weight climbs aboard. So when a pesky squirrel tries to pilfer some seed, he'll suddenly find himself on spinning deathtrap, one that's guaranteed to give him the old heave-ho much to the entertainment of everyone but the squirrel involved.

Product Page [via BoingBoing]



A company called Droll Yankees has had a birdfeeder out for years called the Yankee Flipper that's very similar. We got one as a gift for my dad 3 years ago. He has great fun watching the squirrels go spinning.