Twitpic Will Live On As an Archive, Owned by Twitter

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The saga of Twitpic vs Twitter, probably the most ridiculously petty argument in the entire social media industry, is finally coming to a semi-satisfactory end: Twitpic is definitely shutting down, but its archives will live on in read-only mode, owned by Twitter.


The news comes courtesy of a blog post, in which Twitpic owner and founder Noah Everett, in which he confirms that he's giving Twitter the domain name and photo archive, but Twitpic will be in read-only mode from now on. That means that you'll still be able to access any photos you have lying around on the service, but the mobile apps are vanishing, and you won't be able to upload new content.

It's a fairly dignified ending for a service that is, by this stage, almost entirely surplus to requirements. More importantly, it means that the melodrama and passive-agressively worded 140-character missives can end. [Twitpic via Mashable]

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And nothing of value was lost...