Twitter Argument May Have Led to Murder

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Early last month, a young man was shot in the streets of Harlem. Now we've learned that his murder may have begun with an argument on Twitter which gradually escalated to the point of leaving cyberspace.

Kwame Dancy and Jameg Blake grew up together and were said to have been close before some kind of argument tore them apart. It may have been because of a girl whom they fought over in the past, it may have been over something else. What we know is that they began sending messages such as this one over Twitter:

N——-s is lookin for u don't think I won't give up ya address for a price betta chill asap!"


How much of a role tweets like that one played in finally pushing things over the edge is unknown, but the point remains that, in the end, Darcy wound up dying after a shotgun blast to the neck and a few tweets.

Between this and the two guys dying over an iPod, I've barely got any faith left in people. [Daily News via via William Gibson]

Pictured: Jameg Blake, 22, who is accused of killing Kwame Dancy.