Twitter DVR Sounds Like an Awesome Idea

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Twitter CEO Dick Costolo was hanging out at a panel this morning at the Center for Technology Information, and while he was there he let an interesting little tidbit drop: Twitter is toying with a rewindable, DVR-type feature. It sounds awesome.

During a big, live event is when Twitter gets it's chance to really shine, but if you can't tune in when all the fun's going down, you're pretty much out of luck. You can go and scroll through old tweets, but that's almost not worth it. According to Costolo, Twitter feels your time-shifted pain, and is working on a solution. Not some kind of stripped down curated feed like it tried during last years' Olympics, but rather something that preserves the "roar of the crowd."


Costolo put it this way:

It would be nice to see things like a graphic of spikes in the conversation, what timed they happened…and be able to scroll back to that time to see what happened at that particular moment ...[to] follow along with Twitter in a DVR mode.


Beyond knowing that Twitter's thinking about this kind of thing (which is nice), there are no details to go on. Still, it's easy to imagine the application: DVR'd sporting events, award shows, watching a pirated version of last night's big must-watch premier/finale. Hopefully the idea's more than a mere flight of fancy. This sounds like some pretty hand time travel. [TechCrunch]