Twitter Is Finally Going To Let You Download All Your Old Tweets

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Maybe you tweet mostly about lunch, or other seemingly inane things, but your Twitter stream forms something of a journal for most users. It is a micro-blog, after all. Now, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo is saying you'll be able to download all your past tweets by the end of the year.


For the moment you have to use third-party services if you want to keep tweets on hand for posterity, and if you reached the 3,200-tweet API limit before you started, some of those early ones are effectively lost. From the sounds of it, Twitter's official backup tool could bail those folks out.

That's not the only thing coming either. In addition to tweet-downloading, Twitter is also looking into ways to allow third parties to republish large collections of tweets that might be relevant to breaking news or a live event, and include things like live polls, or other live-updating information. Despite API changes that screwed many third-party clients, it looks like Twitter is still planning on adding some interesting functionality to their surface. Whether they can fill the hole they've created, though, is yet to be seen. [Reuters, First Post via The Verge]


Bs Baldwin

Shouldn't be that hard, I doubt that zip file would even fill up a floppy.