Twitter Is Working with TV Networks to Add Video to Twitter

Twitter, which is quickly trying to become more than just 140 character tweets, is supposedly working with television networks to bring "high quality video content" to Twitter. The idea is to stream video and advertising content on Twitter's site. Twitter TV, y'all.


Right now, according to Bloomberg, Twitter is in talks with Viacom and NBCUniversal about striking a content partnership deal. Bloomberg reports:

The partnerships would let Twitter stream videos on its site and split the resulting ad revenue with the networks, said one of the people familiar with the discussions. One or more deals could be reached by mid-May, and Twitter may strike deals with other networks, the person said.

It would make sense for Twitter, which really has become the second screen that everyone watches when everyone is watching something on TV, to give its audience more content. It'll be interesting to see how that video content will be implemented. [Bloomberg]

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