Twitter Just Fixed the Most Annoying Thing About Twitter

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So what's the most annoying thing about using Twitter across multiple devices? I don't know, maybe it's the fact that direct messages don't sync. Well, Twitter is finally addressing that annoyance today by adding in DM sync.



The update is being pushed out to seven different platforms: Android, iPad, Mac,,, TweetDeck and iPhone. (Sorry, Windows Phone.) So, any time you read a DM on any of the mentioned platforms, your DMs will finally sync across the board and you won't have to clear them out every time you log into a different device. It seems that DM sync will be rolling out "gradually" and you'll obviously want to update your apps accordingly.

On top of that, Twitter says it has improved search for Android, iPhone and the mobile site that includes a full bio when searching for users. The iPhone app also includes an update that will allow you to reply even quicker with a built-in Tweet composer in details. Twitter for Mac's Connect Tab also includes a few more tweaks that show interactions, like retweets and @mentions. [Twitter]



I thought the most annoying thing about Twitter was people using hashtags on things that aren't Twitter.