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Confession: The majority of Gizmodo staff lives in Williamsburg, so we count ourselves in this mass of angry "hipsters."


But here's the deal: The Internet went down in Williamsbug/Greenpoint (Brooklyn) today at approximately 3:54PM (EST). And, seven hours later, at 10:56PM (EST), word on the street (by which I mean Twitter) is that it is still down. As of 11:31PM (EST) we have confirmation that it is BACK IN ACTION.

Here are some of the best reactions from the crowd:

Probable truth.

"Hear that?" would have made more sense, but okay.

Like the Berlin Wall?

...which is why, besides sheer necessity, I am blogging from Manhattan.


I'd rather stay in Manhattan.

Lots of talk of rioting on Twitter. Lots.

Grab yer boomstick!


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