Twitter User With Unfortunate Username Harassed by Cricket Fans

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In hindsight, tweeter @theashes probably wishes she'd chosen a different username. Completely ignorant to all things cricket, she's been bombarded with tweets from cricket fans, to the extent where Qantas has offered to fly her to a match for free.


Her hatred—or rather, ignorance—towards all things cricket-related sparked a #gettheashestotheashes hashtag meme, after she replied to dozens of Twitter users who were copying her @theashes username accidentally into their tweets. "I AM NOT A FREAKING CRICKET MATCH!!!" she told several of them, which led to her designing a SpreadShirt t-shirt with that very slogan on.

It's all paying off for her, though, as Qantas has offered her a free flight from New York to Australia, to see a match—and many others joining in on the publicity stunt with free tickets and a car for when she makes it over to Australia. Is it too late to register @olympics2016? I fancy a free flight to Rio de Janeiro. [@theashes via The Daily Telegraph AU]

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Is it sad that my only knowledge of cricket is the bat and it's uses for zombie defense, and my knowledge of The Ashes is from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?