Two Golf Putters in One Club Means You'll Be Half As Bad at Golf

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Golf is the game of kings. Or is that polo? Whatever, no matter. Golf is also a game about a bag of tools. Wood or iron? What's your favorite number? The more tools in your bag, the better. So this two-in-one golf putter seems pretty smart!


Called the Flip Face putter by Odyssey, the putter is two slightly different putters for two very different situations, all in one club. The way it works is that golfers can rotate the putter face 180 degrees to choose between two different inserts, a White Ice insert for hitting at controlled distances and a Metal-X insert for consistent speed. Options!

The rotating putter face is activated by unscrewing a component, which sounds inelegant but is necessary since you don't want any floppy metal affecting your stroke. Golfers, how's this sound? [Odyssey via Made Men]

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no. no, no, no, no! abomination. If anyone I know shows up on a course to play a round of golf with me and has this putter, I promise, with every fiber of my soul, to shame them lilke no person has ever been shamed... I will shame them so bad, so hard, that they will never be able to show themselves in public, cause everyone will see the shame that sits forever on their face... their "flip face." Shame...

Side note, give me a club that I can use righty or lefty when I am stuck by a tree in the woods, that complies with the rules of golf, and I will buy it...