Twosomeblanket Is Icelandic Wool Snuggie for Couples

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And on the seventh day, God rested, but not without creating the Snuggie first. And God saw it was good. So he created the two person snuggie. You know, to comfortably do naughty things with Mrs. God while watching TV.


This is the $350 Twosomeblanket, by designer Vik Prjonsdottir. Made with 100% Icelandic wool—in two color combinations—and measuring 115,74 x 59,84 inch, the Twosomeblanket is made for foot playing, tickle battles, and comfy caressing on long winter nights, watching movies, and having hot potato soup with the person you love. You know, that person who loves you so much too that he or she won't think you look like a total dork inside this thing. [Birkiland via Nerdapproved]

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I hate myself for the obscene picture that popped into my mind when I saw this.

Overall a bad idea. You KNOW the other person is going to hog all the blanket and you are still going to have cold feet. And its ugly. Seriously, baby poo brown and pink.

(Still hating myself for that thought.)