U Bend...Books Become Bookends

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The U Bend is a book rack with a trick: it creates its own bookend for you. Impossible you say? The work of sorcery, and even black magic, you wonder? Nope. The bar is bent so one book is recessed below the others, allowing many books to lean on just one. But for $95, we wish that it included a second bookend. [product page via bltd]


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Haha, thanks for the lol.

But, sadly, it seems that it does not come in OMG Ponies! From the product page: "The shelf is available in two high gloss powder coated finishes, black or white." And yet, the photo at the site is the same one as here. Way to tease us. Wait, what am I saying, the price was enough to scare my well-worn credit card into hiding.