U2 Talk About Scoring the "Spider-Man" Musical

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Does the Spider-Man musical make your Spidey-sense tingle with possible lameness? U2's Bono and The Edge felt the same. They explain their change of heart in a video interview, which also shows off what may be the show's logo.

If you had misgivings about Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark when the project was announced a couple years ago (not me! I even wrote some lyrics that, alas, U2 declined to use), you're not alone.


Even Bono and The Edge weren't sure about the idea, as they explain in this video interview (below). But then, Edge realized that the story of a bullied kid who cultivates a special gift and becomes a target of worldwide fascination is also the story of every music geek who ever became a rock star. In other words, like nearly every other great Broadway musical, the U2-scored Spider-Man will be all about self-reinvention and showbiz. Watch the interview, and you'll also spot what may be the logo or poster art for the show, whose curtain is expected to rise next February.