Spider-Man's Unexpected Early Stage Debut

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Visitors to the rehearsal for the Tony Awards in New York on Sunday saw something more special than ill-prepared dance moves and unfunny punchlines: Namely, a video offering glimpses of the much-anticipated Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark Broadway musical.

Blogger Michael Avila was one such visitor, and he was excited by what he saw:

They had video of actors in harnesses flying through the air on wires, along with some special effects that looked to be in the early stages. There was also a shot of a drawing of Spidey's Rogue's Gallery, featuring familiar faces such as Electro, Carnage and Sandman... [I]t looks to have visual effects unlike anything Broadway's ever seen (makes sense, with the estimated $40 million price tag). There were two shots shown (one of which I caught in a pic) that featured these effects. More important, I glimpsed one guy flying around with some kind of wingspan, not in any way resembling how Spidey would look web-swinging around town. My first instinct was this was a look at one of the villains in the show. The Vulture, maybe? Morbius?? The Green Goblin perhaps, although it did not look like someone sitting on any type of Glider.


While we're as excited as the next fans at the idea of Spider-Man belting out new songs by Bono and the Edge (which is to say, slightly unconvinced and concerned that it may be a disaster), the mention of Carnage as a potential villain sends an unpleasant chill down our collective spine. Will we have to sit through lame 1990s knock-off villains as well as rock opera?

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