UAE Bans Everything BlackBerry On October 11

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Have BlackBerry, will travel? Sure, go to town, vagabonds, just don't attempt to do so in the UAE come this October. The telecommunications regulatory body there has banned all BlackBerrys and BlackBerry services. Updated.

Abu Dhabi: The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) confirmed on Sunday that BlackBerry Messenger, BlackBerry E-mail and BlackBerry web-browsing services in the UAE will be suspended from October 11.

The suspension is a result of the failure of ongoing attempts, dating back to 2007, to bring BlackBerry services in the UAE in line with UAE telecommunications regulations.


Even more troubling for BlackBerry users in the UAE is that fact that RIM is compliant in other countries with similar regulations—just not the UAE. Maybe they UAE kicked RIM's dog, who knows?

Of course, if BlackBerry can bring their services and cellphones in line with what the TRA desires (mainly, that all BlackBerry data and info pass through regulated servers), they will be allowed back into the playpen. Otherwise, no BBMs for you!

Update: BlackBerry messaging may be banned in Saudi Arabia as well, cites an unnamed company source. Expect "security concerns" (i.e. they can't snoop on RIM's servers) as the primary reason, should this too come to pass. [Gulf News - Thanks, Marko]



This is because UAE spies on internet and phone conversations but is unable to break the encryption on RIM data.