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In the latest Uber controversy, there are new claims that the ride-sharing service stole trade secrets from an entrepreneur in California. The man, Kevin Halpern, says he started a business in 2002 called Celluride Wireless that involved matching users with drivers over a mobile platform. Halpern says he shared trade secrets with Uber co-founder Travis Kalanick in 2006. Uber (which was founded in 2009) has denied the claims. [CNET]

More merger rumors: After the announcement of Verizon’s acquisition of AOL, scuttlebutt about further purchases has been unending. One of the latest? Apple might buy Blackberry. [CNN Money]


Samsung’s next tablets: Details have been leaked for the new batch of Samsung tablets, including the launch month: June. [Tech Gadget Central]

Heart-warming fish: This weird-looking fish has structures in its body that keeps its blood warm. It’s the closest thing to warm-blooded we’ve found in a fish so far. [ScienceNews]

Volcano simulator: A team of scientists have developed a new technique of studying the nature of volcanic eruptions by using lasers and a tank full of gelatin. []

World of Warcraft bans: Blizzard has suspended over 100,000 accounts for using bots to automate gameplay. [PCGamer]


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