Uber has been hit with another cease and desist order—this time in South Carolina. The state has ordered the service to halt operations over improper licensing of its drivers.

The legal filing explains that "all motor carriers transporting persons or property for compensation to first obtain a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity before commencing operation." While the filing also makes a nod to the benefits of Uber—"consumers benefit from, and deserve choices in, the marketplace..."—it also notes that such benefits don't as such stop it breaking the law.


Uber set up shop in South Carolina last July, and local regulators had been mulling the idea of creating a new legal classification for services like it. Then, Uber decided it wanted to be certified to operate like other taxi and limousine services—which seems to have backfired.

Uber says that it has "challenged the order and remains committed to providing South Carolinians with greater opportunity and choice." The situation remains tough for Uber right now. [Commission Directive, Buzfeed via Verge]

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