Uber launched a new car service in Los Angeles today. It's basically the old one that everybody uses. But it's more expensive and perfect for people who reinforce stereotypes about vapid Angelenos only obsessed with shiny, expensive cars!

My youngest brother recently moved from Chicago to Los Angeles. While out at one of our fair city's fine bars, he was approached by a young woman. "So, what kind of car do you drive?" the young lady inquired before she'd even asked his name. "Have you ever seen National Lampoon's Vacation? I drive that," he said with a straight face, referring to the Wagon Queen Family Truckster. Perplexed and apparently not getting the answer she was looking for, the young woman wandered away. Car culture in Los Angeles is kind of a big deal. It always has been.


So if you're in L.A. and really want to take an Uber, but want to make sure you're driving in a really Nice Car™ and not some Toyota Corolla or whatever, there's now a high end service for you. It's called uberPLUS and it's launching today in L.A. for people who really care about appearances but don't want to splurge for Uber's black car service.

From Uber's announcement:

We know what it's like to want to go out with your friends or impress that special someone without having to spend a fortune.

That's why we're introducing uberPLUS — stylish, sleek rides at an affordable price. uberPLUS offers an elevated experience at rates cheaper than a taxi and seats up to 4 passengers. You can expect pickups from BMW 3 Series, Mercedes-Benz C-Classes and Audi A4s, among others.

You might wind up with a hammer-wielding driver who takes a swing at you, or you may go on a 2-hour journey of abduction where the driver locks the doors and the company calls it an "inefficient route," but at least you'll be riding in an Audi A4, amirite?

UberPLUS rates are listed below:


Image: Screenshot of the Wagon Queen Family Truckster from National Lampoon's Vacation (1983)