UBi.ach, the Stuffed Animal That Reads Your E-Mail

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With the amount of e-mail that we get here on a daily basis, finding the time to read it all is quite a chore. Maybe we should look into the UBi.ach, a stuffed animal that alerts the user when a new e-mail has arrived. With a little coaxing (think white list), it'll read subject lines as well. It's the product of the hard work of Gu-min Lee, Chunxi Jiang Gilad Lotan and works due to the combined interaction of several different technologies, such as RF, some PHP scripting here and there, and walkie-talkies. Really, it's nearly as complicated as nuclear fusion. Combine the adorable UBi.ach with some of the filthy e-mails that no doubt flood your inbox, and you're already halfway there to a party. We can't even imagine how hilarious that would be when we're completely sober, let alone when we're, you know, not.

Ubi.ach: Your Networked Email Assistant [Gilad Lotan via Shiny Shiny]