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The lunatic power-bigots at the WBC are down another Twitter account—and this time it belongs to its leader's son, Fred Phelps Jr. What's more surprising is that Cosmo the God—yep, that one—is claiming responsibility.

Like last time, the team at UGNazi is saying they've attained full control of a prominent WBC member's account in retaliation for the hate group's plans to picket Newtown victim funerals. They also posted a picture of an alleged email exchange between "church" members, suggesting the account was broken into through a password reset sent to a compromise email inbox.


And then there's Cosmo. The previous takeover also had Cosmo's name pinned to it. This one does too. The teen hacker, as you'll remember, is under probation and prohibited from touching a computer without permission for the next six years. This would certainly be a violation of these terms, and an express ticket to jail for the 15-year-old. So is he putting half a decade of his life on the line to screw one of America's most hated groups? It's possible. Or it's a diversion. It's hard to ever know—but it's an indisputable victory for UGNazi, already rising to become hacking's new varsity squad.

Oh, and of course:


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