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Ultimate Ears has just released a lower-end version of its earbuds series, the 3 Studio. It won't have the dual speakers with high and low frequencies that the premium models (5EB and 5 Pro) are known for, but the 3 Studio doesn't seem half bad for a low-end model. It features precision-balanced speakers that offer full spectrum sound, pro-style ear loops, and a noise-isolating in-ear design. All this, and it's only $99 — much cheaper than its $190+ siblings. Apparently Ultimate Ears is able to do this through the use of "less expensive single-diaphragm devices" combined with "higher-priced single-armature products." Whatever it is, I'm glad Ultimate Ears finally came up with a pair of high-quality earbuds that's actually affordable. 3 Studio [Ultimate Ears via iLounge]