Ultimate Motorola RAZR 2 Launch Guide

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Motorola's mystery announcement is well in the clear by now. Those of you who speculated that it would be BLAZR, TAZR, LAZR, GAZR, CLVR, LOSR, KRPR, and (my favorite) POOPR were trumped by the infinitely more imaginative "RAZR 2". Naming qualms and reminiscent styling aside, there are good reasons to believe this RAZR is entirely different than the one somebody's granddad got free with a two-year contract. It's a full ground-up redesign, with wow features like 3G networking, touch-sensitive screens, and Linux-Java support drawn right into the blueprint. Follow the jump for our complete and oh-so-ultimate guide to the RAZR 2 launch.


It all started at 10am, in cute little brick building in NYC's Chelsea district. If you want to relive the fast paced, down-and-dirty, marketing-speak-laden event, click over to our Play-By-Play. It's in reverse chronological order, so if you really want to feel the suspense, scroll to the bottom first. (Don't forget to check out our immense gallery of Zander & Co. in full PowerPoint effect, too.)


Do you want to skip the fanfare, but still get the next best thing to feeling a RAZR 2 in your own clammy palm? We recommend you start off with our Huge Gallery, a fetishist's delight of phone shots. That's just an appetizer to our main course, the immersive Video Tour.

Maybe you want some context for this shiny newcomer, especially in America where the carrier is king. Check out our outline of the different RAZR 2 editions, and why we think they were each tailor-made for a particular carrier.


We've seen some skepticism today, and I think a lot of it is directed towards the RAZRs of yesteryear. If anything, keeping the name has made those of us who didn't like their RAZRs pessimistic about the experience to come. But it must be said that none of us knows exactly what that experience will be like, yet. So take it all in, throw in your two forty-seven cents, let Moto know how you feel. But recognize that whether it turns out to be an all-star or a supersucker, this is not your grandfather's RAZR.

Special Launch Website [Motorola]


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I'd think this was a cool phone, but I was just in Japan and drooling over the phones there. Even the cheap phones there slap around what we can get like a red-headed-stepchild.

Still, uber-geek-trek factors aside, I'm a "Phones are for calling people, not for playing mp3s, noob" kinda person. Sure, it gets me laughed at (and with), but that is what I buy a phone for; calling people.

Thus, I'm still not convinced that being an mp3 player and having touch screens are actually desirable features in a phone, as opposed to a refinement in actual functionality, reception reliability, intuitive controls/ software, and a longer battery life. Hell, I'd even prefer the darn thing to be water-proof over having a camera.

Jeeze, maybe I'm not as much of a geek as I thought. I may even have to turn in my card. Do luddites get a card? I hope so.