Cool photos of F-22s and F-35s flying together for the first time

Behold the F-22 Raptor (top two) and F-35 Lightning II (bottom two) flying together for the first time in history. Arguably the two most technologically advanced military jets in the world, the Lt. Col. Matt Renbarger—commander of the 58th Fighter Squadron—says they mix together like peanut butter and jelly:

When the F-22 and F-35 come together, it brings out the strength of both airplanes The F-22 was built to be an air-to-air superiority fighter and the F-35 was built to be a strike fighter. These airplanes complement each other and we're trying to learn how to take that from a design perspective into a tactical arena and be the most effective combat team we can be working with the F-22s.


These F-22 Raptors—from the 94th Fighter Squadron, Joint Base Langley-Eustis, Virginia—were moved to Eglin Air Force Base in Florida to fly integration training missions with the F-35A Lightning IIs from the 58th Fighter Squadron stationed there. These are some of the images.


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