Unannounced BlackBerry Bold 9780 and OS 6.0 Shown Off In Video

Driphter.com's back with another leaked BlackBerry video, this time the Bold 9780 that we've been hearing so much about. It'll be one of the first to ship with OS 6.0, and could be why RIM's holding an event next week.


This is the first time OS 6.0 has been caught on a device other than the 9800 touchscreen/QWERTY hybrid, and that god-awful looking 9670 Clamshell, and while Driphter is quick to point out that "this is a pre-release device and definitely not running the final software version," it still looks preeeetty hot.

The site reports that that hardware is identical to the 9700 (tough luck to those of us who were hoping RIM would return to the more premium-looking style of the 9000), and has the same screen resolution and battery as the 9700. So, minor updates—apart from that sweet OS 6.0 and 512MB memory, just like the 9650 has. [Driphter]

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