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Unbelievable New Camera Technology Erases People in the Background of Your Pictures

We've all been there. You're setting up a shot that perfectly frames your friend against the background but as you snap your picture the people in the background start moving around and mess it all up. The picture is ruined, your friend looks like a bobbing ocean buoy amongst a sea of people and you hate everyone. Scalado thinks it's come up with a new camera technology that can fix that all too common situation, it's called Remove.


With Scalado's Remove, you take a picture without worrying about who or what is in the background. Once the picture is snapped, you can scrub the unwanted objects away from the picture's background to give every picture a clean and pristine backdrop. Like if you were the only person there at that time. That sounds amazing! Think about it, you no longer have to wait and wait and wait until a spot clears up, you can just snap the photo with Remove and then erase all the jerks in the background right from your camera (or smart phone). So simple.

Of course, mind blowing technology like this doesn't always work as well as you want it to so we'll have to wait until Scalado shows off Remove at MWC to see how it works in real life. The technology behind Remove makes sense though, when you take a picture, the app captures several images in a row and then creates a composite photo of the missing background, zapping unwanted objects away. Currently, the technology seems to be more of an OEM play than a future app in the App Store but I'm sure every camera company would love to have the Remove feature in their toolbag. If it really works. [Scalado via Engadget]

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Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

Does it require you to also take a few other pictures for the software to know what the are behind the people looks like or is it just guessing what that area looks like?