Illustration for article titled Underwater Canadian Robots the Latest Weapon in the Battle for Arctic Oil

Apparently our polite neighbors to the north, the Canadians, are going to use two underwater robots to bolster their claims over the Arctic in 2010. These twin $4 million Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (not T-1000's, lame), are being constructed by the very un-Cyberdyne sounding International Submarine Engineering to scout out and claim potential drilling locations in the cold north. The ice cold Arctic, as you may know, is a hotly contested territory for the Canadians, Russians, Norwegians, Danes, and United States. Sadly, there are no frickin' laser beams. Which is too bad, because we're positive Putin armed his Russian robot submersibles to the teeth. At the very least, they'll have GPS.The robot submarines are just the latest tool for the five "polar nations" currently jockeying for supremacy in the oil-rich Arctic Circle. Trouble is, there's no land mass up there, which is the traditional yard stick for territorial disputes, so the interested parties have taken to mapping the terrain underwater. For Canada, this means determining where the Canadian continental shelf ends, and whether or not the subs can discern "geological links" between the country's northern coast, High Arctic Islands, and two underwater mountain ranges: the Alpha and Lomonosov ridges. The latter certainly sounds Russian, but who are we to get in the way of a little apocalyptic robot war, right? []


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