Submarine cave video is both stunningly beautiful and terrifying

It's human nature to look up at the stars and wonder what's out there. Becoming an astronaut and going outer space is every kid's dream. But sometimes it's more eye opening to explore what's here. Like in the ocean. Like deep underwater. Like inside alien-looking caves. It's utterly terrifying.


The video taken by Tony Sellers starts out beautifully but then slowly creeps itself into a sort of silent terror. You hear breathing and bubbles and you see the divers crawl into impossible spaces and you're halfway expecting something to go wrong. You watch with a sense of foreboding. But you can't stop watching because you want to know what happens next. But there's no monster at the end of the ocean, it's just you wondering how to get back.


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I dove once in a river I could stand up in. That was enough for me.