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Unedited: This Pool/Moat Sucks

Illustration for article titled Unedited: This Pool/Moat Sucks

Towards the end of a long day, we stumbled upon this unfathomably terrible pool, which adjoins Villa Roces by architects Govaert & Vanhoutte. Why is it so little? So narrow? So dumb? Here's the conversation we just had trying to figure all that out and more:

Adrian C. pretty wild

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Joe that pool is huge
that girl is tiny
Adrian C. it's a little kid…
Adrian C.
Joe yeah, OK
that pool sucks
great place to dump a body though
Andrew L. yeah that seems hella dangerous
Barrett at that point isn't it just a shitty moat?
Leslie H. that pool's too small!
Adrian C. i think someone should make fun of it
Brent R. that's not a pool. it's a clean moat.
Mario A. it's way too small to be a moat
Mario A. who's that going to keep out?
Adrian C. which is why brian said shitty moat
Leslie H. that house would be easy to break in
Brent R. oh. yes, he did.
Mario A. Not only do you live in a glass house, you have a shitty moat
Adrian C. IT'S A POOL
Adrian C. smaller pool=smaller heating bill!
Joe why even have a moat these days?
Leslie H. shitty moatpool
Joe you think the people with the all-glass house care about heating bills?
Brent R. maybe to keep out roaches and mice?
Leslie H. i bet so many birds are killed by that house
Adrian C. i like to think of it as a proof of concept for urban spaces
Leslie H. i'd take an anorexic pool like this in bk
Barrett you know what that skinny pool needs?


Andrew L. maybe it's to catch dead birds?
Mario A. Dear home owner, you don't need a moat, but your moat is too small anyway
Andrew L. constantly flowing into a giant filter
Leslie H. haha id take any pool in bk
Joe exactly
Joe does it vibrate?
Adrian C. :(
Andrew L. so it's an outdoors bathtub?
Joe BTW, climate in Bruges, where that home is:…
Barrett also I think we should post this conversation
as our post of the skinny pool
Christopher M. ugh that house is in the most boring town in the world
Brent R. a pool that skinny can only encourage anorexia
Joe pervy pool

Illustration for article titled Unedited: This Pool/Moat Sucks

Michael H. ooh adrian, no you di'int
Christopher M. i actually luv that pool
Adrian C. it is not objectively the worst pool
Casey C. how long is that pool

Illustration for article titled Unedited: This Pool/Moat Sucks

THAT is objectively the worst pool
Michael H. i think if that moat expanded into a pool in the backyard, it would be awesome
Sam B. yo that little pool sucks
Jesus: are you kidding me? that pool is amazing



Images by Tim Van de Velde/Govaert & Vanhoutte Architecture


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Lite: an adventurer is me!

The pool extends under the walkway. It's a partially underground pool. Which, is pretty damn slick if you ask me.

Oh, and the pool water is that blue, because it's filled with Windex to keep the windows clean after they get splashed.