Unicorn Wishes: If Only iPhone OS 3.0 Had These Very Cool Things!

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And now, I will continue the fine tradition of bitching and moaning for the features we want to see in America's Next iPhone Software Rev. We will open with our usual salvo: CUUUUUUUUUUT AND PASSSSSSSSSSSTEEEEEEEE!!!


Beyond that, here's our magical unicorn-fantasy list:

• Multitasking gestures, like the Palm Pre
• Background app running, like the Palm Pre
• App store submission fees, or some way to limit app store spam, like Microsoft's planned app store
• MMS - I don't care about this, really, but you might
• Video recording
• Voice dialing and text-to-speech caller ID
• Better software support for phone-related stuff, like optionally adding "Favorites" or "Recents" to home screen (and improved voice quality if possible)
• Bluetooth stereo streaming, like the Palm Pre
• Bluetooth file transfer and storage
• Bluetooth/Wi-fi sync, like the Zune
• iLife and iWork Mobile for editing docs and multimedia on the phone itself
• SPEED - The OS gets really sluggish after using it for awhile
• A completely new or refreshed UI - There's something to be said for meaningless but thoughtful design refreshes
• Big keyboard support and bulk delete in every app
• Flash support in browser
iTunes app management
• Popups and notifications that don't interrupt your current activity, like the Palm Pre


That's all I can imagine now. Two things come up, reviewing that list. I'm surprised by how our wish list is narrowing from the first-gen software. And I'm surprised at how aged the iPhone's software seems, in stylistic terms, now that the Palm Pre is about to hit. I think it needs a UI overhaul if Apple wants it to remain the slickest around. Other ideas? Leave them below or in our earlier post.

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Creole Trash Panda

So lets see....

Almost everything on these lists I can already do with my Dash. So you are telleing me that my WinMo 6.1 (XDA Baked) can do more than the Jesus Phone.


What is all the hype about. A touchscreen and nice aesthetics? I am really missing the point. This seems like the classic case of style over substance.