Unleash Even More Force with a New Star Wars RPG Campaign Guide

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Click to viewIn the Dark Times between the end of the Clone Wars and the rise of the Rebellion, the Galactic Empire ruled supreme. Jedi were hunted down like dogs, and heroes were few and far between. Star Wars: Force Unleashed, released today, might be an awesome video game, but you can experience this dark, oppressive era of the Star Wars universe from many different points of view with the Star Wars RPG Force Unleashed Campaign Guide.The Force Unleashed Campaign Guide is being released today in conjunction with the video game. It depicts the Empire's domination of the galaxy, years before any unified rebellion existed to oppose it. Many characters familiar to fans of the classic trilogy appear during the so-called Dark Times, including Vader, the Emperor, and several notable Moffs. With no cohesive groups to join, Light Side heroes have to fend for themselves and take their shots against the soul-crushing fascist Imperials wherever they can. This guide, like the Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide, features great production values and excellent interior art, including concept and production art from the video game that hasn't appeared anywhere else. It also ties into the Force Unleashed miniatures set that came out last year.The material in the guide is drawn from the game as well as the other multimedia products associated with it, such as the novel and the graphic novel. In addition to a ton of new alien races, talent trees, Jedi talents, ships, droids, weapons and characters, it features a section on creating your own organization. Will you form an elite group of anti-Imperial commandos? A smuggler's guild? Attempt to unite a group of backstabbing bounty hunters? If there's one thing this guide definitely offers, it's lots of options. Image by Wizards of the Coast. The Force Unleashed Campaign Guide [via Amazon]