It doesn't matter what unspeakable acts or atrocities they grew up to commit, at one point all mad scientists—from Dr. Frankenstein to Dr. No—started life as adorable infants. But what turns an innocent toddler into an adult with a penchant for world domination? This set of mad scientist-themed alphabet blocks might be one cause.

Made from laser-carved pieces of maple wood, the blocks replace the typical alphabetical images with inspiration for aspiring super villains. B for ball? Try B for bioengineering instead. And F for flower? That's been replaced with a more useful F for freeze ray. The set of five blocks covers every letter of the alphabet and is available from Etsy seller Xylocopa Design for ONE MILLION DOLLARS! Actually just $35, which should be easy to raise even without access to a city destroying weather machine.


[Etsy via GeeksareSexy]