Tired of all those talented parents posting photos of the artsy-fartsy pancakes they make for their spoiled kids? Of course you are. But if your own brood grows tired of your boring (barely) round flapjacks, this pancake maker will easily turn them into edible Vaders—no skill required.


Is $40 too much to spend to make your kids momentarily happy before they devour their breakfast? If you said yes, you probably don’t have children.

Using the griddle is as easy as pouring some pancake batter on the bottom half, closing the lid, adjusting the dial for the desired level of goldenness, and then distracting your kids until they’re ready. Cleanup is a whole other story. You can either get your kids to do the breakfast dishes (hahaha) or just use the pancake maker once and hope they forget about it like they did with half of their expensive toys. [Hammacher Schlemmer]

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