Upcoming Zune Features: Podcasts, Synchronized Lyrics

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.
This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

By using a resource hacker and looking inside the Zune software files on a PC, some curious Zune owners found a few possible upcoming upgrades to Microsoft's player. Among them, synchronized lyrics, podcast subscription, aspect ratio, plugins, syncing lyrics to the Zune, and mini-mode playback options.


Of course, not all of these may be implemented any time soon, or implemented at all. It's just an idea of what could come down the line from Microsoft.

Resource Hacking [Zune Scene via Zunerama]

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you didn't list synchronized lyrics twice with slightly different wording.

syncing lyrics was not listed multiple times with a slight change in wording each time.

to be honest, i've only played with the zune once, but the only thing i enjoy about its software is the UI itself, i couldnt care less about video playback, nor could the rich spoiled brats who get video iPods and orange Zunes just to show off.

podcasting's awesome though, i'm going away for 2 weeks and my RSS reader doesnt work so i'm going to miss 2 weeks of gizmodo news, but if there was a gizmodo podcast that automatically downloaded onto my computer/zune if i ever decide to get one/wii if i can ever find one/xbox(not xbox 360, broke people don't have xbox 360) if it can even support RSS or podcasting, then i wouldnt miss a beat.

so please, for the next 2 weeks, don't report on anything interesting, and if you do, send me a podcast record of it or upgrade your search to show all articles before whatever date.