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Sony Computer Entertainment President, Ken Kutagari held an impromptu press conference in Tokyo to set the table straight regarding the PS3. And he even gave us a bonus with some exclusive PSP news. Let's get down to the nitty gritty after the jump.


Playstation 3
The delay rumors are only semi-true. The global launch is still scheduled for November, but Japan will be the country experiencing delays. To avoid the supply issues that Microsoft is dealing with, Sony is planning on pumping out 1 million units per month.

The PS3 will also have a Blu-Ray reader that is also capable of reading Blu-Ray discs, DVDs, CDs, PS2 and PSOne games. Kutagari also said the PS3 games will be in Blu-Ray format. The PS3 will also be supporting a 60GB hard drive, but the oddity is that this hard drive will be required to play games but may not be included with the console. And the hard drive comes loaded with Linux and can act as a server.


An online service is also being developed to rival Xbox Live. It will be called the Playstation Network Platform and it will be free.

Playstation Portable
The PSP is getting the long awaited price drop. Beginning on March 22 the PSP will go for $199 rather than the current $249. Unfortunately they are also dropping the memory stick, soft case, remote and headphones. In October a snap-on EyeToy will be released for the PSP and will be used for games and VoIP.

In the softwarey news, the PSP will be getting GPS, RSS and Macromedia Flash support in the near future. It will also be getting an emulator that will allow for PSOne game support. The games can be downloaded directly via the network.

In Case You Slept In: PS3/PSP News [Kotaku]


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