Upload Your Freestyles to the XXL App to Become the Next Rap Superstar

Checkity check it out
Let's see what this app is all about.
Oh what, Double ex L has a new crazy iPhone app?
Wow it lets you drop rhymes and rap, freestyling all over a 30-second track.

If you didn't notice
We love this sort of hocus pocus.
You got 30 seconds to spit
To prove you're the shit
With words out your lip.
It's uploaded to their website
So you better keep your head right
And make sure your rhymes tight.
The public is gonna rate you, hopefully they won't hate you, just don't be a disgrace dude.


Don't worry, the app has other stuff too,
like hip hop trivia, rapper tweets and news,
hell you can even find the location of your crew.
But the freestyle feature is called Ready or Not,
If you think you're the next rap superstar give it a shot! [iTunes via Mashable]

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